Book Review · Thriller

Book Review: My Dark Self – Jessica Huntley

Synopsis: Josslyn is a 28 year old living on top of a vet, which she owns. She's an introverted person who likes being around animals more than humans and she's never been good with building relationships. The main reason why? The voice inside her head makes it almost impossible to form any connections. Josslyn became… Continue reading Book Review: My Dark Self – Jessica Huntley

Book Review · Sci-Fi

REVIEW: The Institute – Stephen King

Synopsis: Luke Ellis would be a normal kid if it wasn't for his special abilities, and eidetic memory. He is about to attend MIT at just twelve years old but instead becomes the latest child kidnapped and taken to a secret government facility isolated in a forest in Maine. He and his new friends become… Continue reading REVIEW: The Institute – Stephen King

Book Review · Crime Fiction · Thriller

REVIEW: Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

Synopsis: Owen is a mid-thirties secondary school teacher who has just been suspended for alleged indecent behaviour towards minors. He turns to online chat forums to air out his frustration at how he's been unfairly treated by society over and over again. Across the street, the Four family find him creepy. Father Roan, a child… Continue reading REVIEW: Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

Book Review · Crime Fiction · Thriller

REVIEW: Jar of Hearts – Jennifer Hillier

Synopsis: Geo, Angela, and Kaiser were best friends, and practically inseparable despite their differences. Angela‚Äôs life was perfect. She was smart and beautiful - guys wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her. She craved attention and her best friends were happy letting her have it. But when Geo catches the eye of an… Continue reading REVIEW: Jar of Hearts – Jennifer Hillier